Data Analytics

Apokrin’s data Analytics deals with Ecommerce, Financial services, Marketing, Sales, Technology Industries and various other sectors to support them with marketing campaigns, data analysis for improving focus on revenues, customer acquisition and much more. Our approach helps an organization to grow and be more focused on their Goals. Apokrin analytical team consists of versatile skilled professionals working on media, statistics, technology and across all domains. Apokrin also develops unique solutions for solving distinct problems.

Apokrin’s Product Features:

Market Analytics:

Nowadays, reporting is a major segment which can be achieved by a detail break down and filtered to reflect the needs of business. With our product we provide Sequence of reporting and analysis would help extract more value from marketing investments which are challenging, which is made even more difficult by the scale, speed-to-market and decentralization of marketing decisions. Our product delivers maximum value to clients, to pull engagement metrics, source/medium breakdown, and campaign effectiveness- all at one place.

Customer Relationship Management Analytics:

Apokrin redefines the trends that corporations/organizations deal with customer management in a rapid changing customer landscape. Our product refines the customer data in accordance with Revenue – Driving products, Geographic Regions, Marketing Campaigns etc. with outmost simplicity. Our Product provides a visualized services by creating an updated dashboards to monitor important metrics, predictive modeling through which we aim to deliver our customers with a real time analytical insights.

Risk Management:

Apokrin applies its strategies only after understanding the nature of risks, to rescue our customers from facing various degrees of transactional or periodic issues. Our product provides effective risk data aggregation and risk reporting to have a comprehensive view of data governance, IT infrastructure, data quality, it also audit periodically to ensure that the risk data is under appropriate governance.

Visualize Data:

Our product delivers all the visual information to ensure users understand, identify, and solve problems quickly. Our product facilitates Simplicity, internet - friendly, self-service, drag-n-drop feasibility, an option to create full scale of charts and graphs, work flows, data correlations etc. our product also features with assembly of panel of in sight applications that showcase the user work, with an attractive drilldown, so as user can zoom and point which is very transparent.

Social Media Analytics:

We provide significant benefits with our product being integrated to web, social media, and smart phone. We also provide a fine – grained data for user’s working with any browser. Our product also facilitates end user to easily create, embed and publish data into social media.

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