Recruitment Application

Apokrin Recruiting software helps organizations and recruiters to manage the entire recruitment cycle beginning from posting jobs, resume search and till on-boarding new hires with easy to use system. Our software application automates the sourcing and hiring process. We provide standalone solutions that can be incorporated with a company’s human resources management software (HRMS), often integrating impeccably with other functions like payroll, capability management and payment management.

Our software is customizable to apt a small business's sole needs. Apokrin recruiting software comes with all the features essential and designed for niche skills like executive recruitment, tech jobs, and other specialized positions and fields. This lets companies fill positions faster and easier. It is designed to help you save time and money, so you can attain top talent quickly and efficiently.

Functionality is built around the following areas:

  • Workforce Planning: generating pools of internal and external candidates
  • Sourcing: job posting management, social media promotion, advertising
  • Candidate Acquisition: referrals, screening, assessments, and candidate selection
  • Applicant Tracking: interviewing, background checks, candidate interaction
  • Onboarding: meetings, orientation, training
  • Analytics: reporting and metrics set in throughout the system

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